Final Verification Call for Individual Code Signing Certificate (IV)

The Final Verification Call is the final requirement to receive an Individual Validated Code Signing Certificate. And it’s exactly what it sounds like, the Certificate Authority (CA) reaches out to you over the phone to verify the details of your order.

What is the Final Verification Call?

To satisfy the final requirement, you must simply field a phone call from the Certificate Authority and confirm your order details. Comodo will call the listed phone number that they verified during the Telephone Verification requirement.

The process is simple, just pick up the phone. Hold it to your ear. Talk into the receiver. Answer the CA’s questions and you’ll satisfy this requirement. Did we just explain how to use a telephone to you? Maybe. Is it really this easy? Yes.

If your listed number doesn’t connect to you directly or it’s not a personal number, the CA can also attempt to reach you in two additional ways.

Alternative Methods

In addition to reaching you on a personal number, the CA’s can also reach you via:

  • Extension or IVR – If your phone system uses extensions or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) the CA will work through the system to connect with you. So as long as your extension is listed (or you provided it) or your phone can be reached via the IVR, you’ll be fine.
  • Transfer or Alternative Number – If you don’t have an extension or IVR, the CA can also have the operator or receptionist transfer them or provide them with your direct number (which, frankly, it would have been easier had you just provided this number from the outset, but hey, you do you). Either way works just fine and will allow the CA to get in touch with you and satisfy this requirement.

Now all that’s left is for the CA to issue the Code Signing certificate. Once your Code Signing certificate gets issued, you just need to download/export it from your browser. For more help with downloading/exporting your Code Signing Certificate, click here.

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