Choosing a Domain Name

Keep it short.

Get straight to the point. This is not the time to get creative, your domain name will be your brand, So keep it short and simple.


Make it memorable.

This is all about impact and recall. Remember that longer domains are often harder to remember. o Make it easy to type. Your customers need to type your domain into the address bar. Even if they’re clicking a link, that link needs to be typed in by someone.


Make it easy to pronounce.

People remember (and have more positive associations with) things that they can easily say and think about. If you can’t easily say the name, you’re going to lose memorability. o Use keywords where possible. If there are relevant keywords that match your brand and what your business offers, this is a great opportunity for an SEO boost. Local painting business? is a solid keyword domain name.


Check for trademarks

Make sure your domain isn’t easily confused with other businesses in the market. Remember it’s not whether you think your domain is confusing, but whether a company might take legal action against you, if they consider your domain name is infringing on their trademark. Get legal advice when in doubt.


Avoid numbers, hyphens and other symbols.

When trying to get around limited domain name availability, some people choose to include hyphens between words. While this strategy is understandable its not good for keeping your domain name simple.  The main problem with hyphenated domain names is customer recall.  They’re trickier to say aloud and add an extra piece of information for customers to remember.  


Remember to renew.

Don’t risk letting your domain name registration lapse. As soon as you miss that annual renewal your domain hits the market where anyone is able to register it in their name. Auto-renewals are a good service to use.  Longer domain name renewal periods are a great way to make sure you dont lose your domain.  Most proviers generaly provide a discounted rate on longer renewal times too.

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