Final Verification Call Requirements for EV SSL/TLS Certificates

The Final requirement for Extended Validation SSL Certificates is the Verification Call. The Certificate Authority must speak with you or the Organization Contact using the verified business telephone number in order to confirm the details of your order.

Completing the Verification Call

This step is fairly simple, the Certificate Authority has already received your Enrollment Form, gone through Organization Authorization and confirmed Operational Existence, your company’s Physical AddressTelephone Number and Domain Ownership.

Now all that’s left is for the CA to call your company’s verified phone number and speak with you or the Organization Contact. The CA will use the call to verify the details of the order so they can then issue the certificate to the technical contact or web admin that will be installing the certificate (we can also help you install the certificate in lieu of an admin).

Unless you have severe social anxiety about taking a phone call—this requirement is absolutely painless.

Possible Issues with Taking the Verification Call

That being said, there are a few potential hiccups that can occur when you’re getting ready to take the Final Verification Call. Namely, there’s a good chance that your company’s verified telephone number – the one that appears in public listings – doesn’t connect directly to your desk.

Don’t worry, the CA can enter your extension or connect with you through Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Alternatively, the CA can also be transferred to your line from your company’s phone receptionist or operator, or it can obtain your number from a colleague after initiating the call using the verified telephone number.

The CA will make every effort to reach you. Just make sure you answer the phone. Seriously. Don’t let it go to voicemail. Otherwise you’ll just be delaying the issuance of your EV SSL Cert. And nobody wants that.

After the Verification call, the CA will issue your SSL Certificate. Then you’ll need to install it. For more help installing your SSL Certificate, click here.

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