DNS Record Glossary

A glossary for DNS terminology such as: A Records, MX Records, CNAME Records, and more!

 Information regarding TLDs and ccTLDs

This Category is broken down into TLDs and ccTLDs an will cover all of the TLDd and ccTLDs offered here.


 Managing DNS Resource Records

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a distributed database, arranged hierarchically, containing records for domain names. The DNS system's main aim is to match a domain name to an IP Address. In order to fulfill this role,...

 Overview of TLDs (Domain Name Extensions)

1.)  Registration 2.)  Renewal 3.)  Transfer 4.)  Restoration / Redemption Grace Period 5.)  Other Operations Registration    TLD Duration (Years)...

 What is the WHOIS Database?

What is the WHOIS Database?  

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